Barrie Savory DO Osteopath

Former Principle of The European School of Osteopathy

 »In 2011 my wife and I had the opportunity to have a non-invasive vibro-pressure process applied to the sub-occipital area. The immediare effect was an increase in the range of cervical motion. There was also a sense of ‘letting go’ of the whole body. A lot of change from such a localised focus of treatment as it has such good results with a myriad of sub-occipital dysfunctions. With fears of HVT manipulation being potentially hazardous most Osteopaths now resort to more fascial approaches, but this simple process seems to work without the inherent risks. Treatment of the Atlas seems to have profound effects on the body structure as a whole and it is a most important contribution to the musculo-skeletal field. I am an Osteopath with over 50 years experience, both as a Practitioner and a Teacher, and am still in Practice 5 days a week. »

Dr. Steve Hajioff Private GP



 » I have to say it was amazing. I have had back and neck pain my whole adult life and terrible  vertigo since a car crash about six years ago. As a Doctor myself I have always been a little sceptical about people talking of miracle cures or amazing changes but I was blown away by the extent of the response and how much better I felt immediately after the treatment. One treatment, pain free and no vertigo. I cant recommend it highly enough. »

Dr. Andre Hedger


Dysfonction de l’articulation tempéro-mandibulaire d’intérêt spécial

Approbation vidéo Atlas Zone Therapy










 »This treatment is a specific form of massage of the upper cervical muscles, ligaments and tissues. No side-effects are there. It’s safe ».

Marteen Klatte MD

 »In more than 80% of the patients I referred, had a positive feedback, and no negative feedback at all. I view the therapy as safe and will continue to refer patients ».

Robert Van Leeuwen

 »Since many years I do refer regularly my patients for the Atlas therapy. i notice good results with headaches, dizzyness and movement restrictions of the neck ».


Gerrit Jan Gerritsma, MD.



 »Many patients I refer have tried several other methods before, but only after treatment of the upper cervical spine more lasting results occured. Therefore, I see the effects are not placebo ».

Dr.Anthony Soyer MD.BS.

 »Without hesitation I do recommend many patients for this treatment. All of them experienced profound positive and lasting benefits. I myself underwent the treatment and am very positive about it. »