Computerized Stabilometry


Stabilometry is an accurate and easy way to provide a plantar pressure profile. This technology enables a scientific approach to evaluate changes in this profile following Atlas Zone treatment. 

The Atlas Zone is utilising this technology on an ongoing basis as part of its research and development program.

Below are sample case history’s with before and after results of treatment using this technology.

Before Atlas Zone Treatment

Mr. S presented with neck stiffness with rotation restriction, a total right knee replacement 8 years previously.and a large bunion on his right big toe ( the plantar pressure outline can be observed above). It can be observed that his right leg is loaded by 14kg more than his left.

After Atlas Zone Treatment

Immediately after Mr S received his Atlas Zone Treatment his weight bearing can be seen to be much more balanced and the plantar pressure at his bunion site has been totally reduced. One can conclude that Mr S has clearly distributed much more weight through his right lower extremity throughout his life resulting in degenerative changes in this limb due to excessive wear and tear. This may be as a result of Atlas Zone dysfunction.

Before Atlas Zone Treatment

10 Kg increased weight bearing left lower extremity and laser line clearly shows this postural compensation.

After Atlas Zone Treatment

Total resolution of her descending postural compensation.



Before Atlas Zone Treatment

Mrs M presented with bilateral jaw joint clicking and lower back pain. 6 Kg mpre weight bearing right lower extremity.

After Atlas Zone Treatment

Immediately more even weight bearing.

One Month After Atlas Zone Treament

Less jaw joint clicking and no lower back pain. Surface area of feet in comtact with the ground increasing and maintainng more equal balance of weight bearing.

Before Atlas zone Treatment

Chronic lower back pain. An increase in loading of the right lower extremity compared to the left by 12Kg.

One month after Atlas Zone Treatment

No lower back pain and more even weight distribution between lower extremities.

Before Atlas Zone Treatment

Mrs T 55 years of age long term migraine sufferer and 6 week onset of chronic tension type headaches. 

7 Days After Atlas Zone Treatment

Headaches completely relieved within 24 hours. Above scan shows more balanced weight bearing.