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The soft tissues of the upper cervical spine include the muscles and fascia. Fascia is a web of connective tissue that envelopes all body structures and can be likened to packing material in a parcel. It literally connects everything in the body together and explains how if one muscle is contracted it can have far reaching effects throughout the body.

Specialised muscles in the upper neck which connect to the skull and the first two vertebra called the atlas and axis very commonly are contracted. This contraction creates tensions in the fascia system. The fascia is intimately connected to the nervous system in this region and irritations of this system can give rise to a broad range of symptoms in the body.

Atlas Zone Practitioners use 21st Century vibration technology to release tensions in the muscles and fascia which in turn inhibits the irritations of the nervous system.


The Atlas Zone has been created by medical professionals who are devoted to the safe, effective and sustainable detection and treatment of muscle and fascia disorders of the upper cervical region. The upper cervical zone is a vulnerable region of the spine due to it’s intimate connection to the nervous system and it is of great importance that the practitioners specialising in the treatment of this area have expert knowledge which is continually updated with current research. You can have the reassurance that Atlas Zone Practitoners fulfill this requirement.

The professionals committed to this cause come from  diverse medical backgrounds and from many parts of the world. They have many years clinical experience in the use of vibro-pressure stimulation to the upper cervical region which has resulted in the evolution of a brand new concept regarding treatment of the upper cervical spine.


Principles Of The Atlas Zone


  • The majority of modern humans have an alteration of the length tension relationships of the suboccipital muscles and fascia.
  • This alteration is of a traumatic origin occurring prenatally, perinatally or postnatally up to age 8.
  • When the compensations for this alteration begin to fail the result is pain in many forms which is related to the individual’s susceptibility.
  • This alteration is the cause of readily observable biomechanical misalignments and distortions of the body occurring in an ascending and descending manner.
  • Atlas Zone Practitioners are trained to identify these misalignments using a range of testing protocols.
  • Atlas Zone Practitioners are trained to improve this alteration by using a precisely applied vibro-pressure stimulation and to provide an ongoing upper cervical and postural care program.
  • Atlas Zone Practitioners provide a safe, effective and sustainable treatment for the upper cervical spine.


Barrie Savory DO Osteopath

Former Principal of The European School of Osteopathy

”The immediate effect was an increase in the range of cervical motion. There was also a sense of ‘letting go’ of the whole body. A lot of change from such a localised focus of treatment as it has such good results with a myriad of sub-occipital dysfunctions.”

Dr. Steve Hajioff Private GP



” I have to say it was amazing. I have had back and neck pain my whole adult life and terrible  vertigo since a car crash about six years ago.  One treatment, pain free and no vertigo. I cant recommend it highly enough.”

Dr. Andre Hedger


Special Interest Tempero-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction

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Francesco Furci began his career as a cyclist from a very young age. He was summoned to the Italian junior national team and in 2002 was viewed as the future of Italian cycling. However  due to  back  and right leg pain was forced to abandon his career.
Over the last 17 years Francesco has tried  various treatments but pain and limitation of movement has remained.
Recently, in June 2019,  he tried  the AtlasZone Treatment in Italy by practitione Francesco Zordan.
In a short time his health improved and after three months was able to start cycling again at an amateur level! The bicycle is still part of his life now … and the most important thing is that he is able to show his daughters!


How this technology is evaluating Atlas Zone treatment outcomes.

Before Atlas Zone Treatment

Mr. S presented with neck stiffness with rotation restriction, a total right knee replacement 8 years previously.and a large bunion on his right big toe ( the plantar pressure outline can be observed above). It can be observed that his right leg is loaded by 14kg more than his left.

After Atlas Zone Treatment

Immediately after Mr S received his Atlas Zone Treatment his weight bearing can be seen to be much more balanced and the plantar pressure at his bunion site has been totally reduced. One can conclude that Mr S has clearly distributed much more weight through his right lower extremity throughout his life resulting in degenerative changes in this limb due to excessive wear and tear. This may be as a result of Atlas Zone dysfunction.


What is Atlas Zone Treatment?

Atlas Zone treatment involves the use of a specially designed Vibrational Machine which is used in a precise way, tailored to the individuals need. The machine  stimulates the suboccipital muscles (small deep muscles attached to the occiput, atlas and axis) and surrounding fascial structures. In this way the function of these soft tissues is optimised which enables a reduction in irritations of the nervous system.

Is Atlas Zone Treatment safe?

Atlas Zone Treatment is performed with the client seated. The client's head is kept perfectly still. Vibration and pressure is directed to the soft tissues of the upper neck in a precise way. Due to these facts this technique presents as  one of the safest ways to affect the function of the upper cervical spine.

What happens during an Atlas Zone Consultation?

During a consultation your full past and present medical history will be analysed by your practitioner. This is followed by an examination which is unique to Atlas Zone Practitioners and is designed to give accurate information regarding the condition of your upper cervical spine. If the findings are positive the Atlas Zone Treatment will be performed. Following the treatment a similar examination will be performed to note the changes that have occurred.

What may I expect after an Atlas Zone Treatment?

Immediately following a treatment clients very often report an increase in neck mobility, a lightness of the head on the spine and a sense of being more grounded on the feet. You may experience some discomfort below the skull where the vibro-pressure treatment was administered which may last a few days. Very often patients report sleeping well the night following treatment. Atlas Zone treatment has a profound effect on your posture and alignment and over the coming days your body is required to adjust. This can present with some discomforts but they will gradually pass.  Sometimes clients report a temporary exacerbation of the symptom that required treatment.

What happens in a follow up appointment?

A follow up appointment is very important and usually it is recommended to take place one month following your treatment. It involves subjective information, that is an update from yourself regarding mental, emotional and physical changes that you may have noticed taking place, and objective information which is gathered by the practitioner performing the examination once again.

What are the long term benefits of treatment?

Symptoms are the only way your body can express itself regarding it's state of ease related to it's internal and external environment. A good analagy is a glass of water. When the glass of water is full a threshold has been reached whereby the body is required to express itself in the form of symptoms. There can be many combinations of reasons why the glass of water becomes full. Examples may be poor nutrition,  dehydration, emotional or physical stress and of course Atlas Zone dysfunction resulting in irritation of your central nervous system. Once your Atlas Zone dysfunction is resolved it has the effect of reducing the water in the glass. In this way it becomes more difficult for this glass of water to become full, the threshold is not surpassed and you no longer have symptoms. So in short, the long term goal of treatment is to create a situation where the body can operate symptom free. Your level of response to Atlas Zone treatment is dependent on how much your Atlas Zone Dysfunction is influencing your glass of water!

Is it safe for my child under 8 years of age?

It is not only safe but highly recommended that infants over the age of 6 months receive the Atlas Zone treatment. Ossification of the upper cervical spine completes at age 8 so it is believed that identification and treatment of Atlas Zone Dysfunction in the young may be good for long term physical wellbeing.

How many treatments do I need?

Good results are achievable in one Atlas Zone treatment. However we recommend our Upper Cervical and Postural Care Program to ensure that your upper cervical spine is functioning optimally. Through experience with patients we have realised that many modern occupations involve using the body in a manner that stresses the musculo-skeletal system and many clients require ongoing treatment and support. Six monthly checks are advised with further treatment included if necessary.

Is it safe if I am over 70 years of age?

Many patients are treated in there 70's, 80's and 90's and have very good responses and improvements of their symptoms. Of course suitability for treatment is assessed case by case.

Are there any contraindications to treatment?

Of course, as with any biomechanical intervention, there are contraindications. Your practitioner is fully trained to recognise any contra-indication to treatment and will be able to recommend you to the appropriate medical practitioner if necessary.